Welcome to my site

Hi everybody and welcome to my site!
My name is Cynthia Williams and I have been creating bold, country style designs for over 20 years. It’s truly my passion, my hobby and my job – I love it!

When I’m designing my signature pieces, I always try to stay true to the origins of where I drew the inspiration from. More often than not, that’s from my extensive travels. I go overseas to get inspired by the amazing variety of cultures that this world has got to offer, seeing out the rural gems and the quaint villages where the country design shines the brightest.

Lat year, I spent a month in Morocco to get inspired by the ancient and vibrant city of Marrakech – the 1th century designs were simply mesmerising! Then, a trip to visit the rural areas around Florence filled in the gaps in my vision. The result of these two holidays is the current country furniture line that I’m working on and can’t wait to present to you all!

In the end, country design is a bit of a gamble. Not everyone’s into it, but when people discover it as their passion, they can’t get enough of it. Consider yourself warned, but, of course, I’d love for you to stick around and discover everything that this dynamic field of design has got to offer with a bit of guidance from myself.