Pay by Phone & Mobile Gaming

You might be surprised to learn that over the last year or so, mobile gaming has officially taken over desktop gaming.

This emphasises to us a massive shift in how players are consuming games and this has contributed significantly to the overall decline in desktop use over the last few years. The shift has been so dramatic that many traditional desktop suppliers such as Packard Bell, HP and Dell have all dramatically reduced their production of desktop computers.

pay by phone casino

This has affected many industries including the online casino market and while traditional online casinos remain popular, the rise in their mobile counterparts is a significant one. Today we are going to talk about the payment options on a mobile casino and in particular, how you can pay by phone on these sites. Pay by phone offers an alternative payment method to using a debit card or PayPal and allows players to charge casino deposits to their landline or mobile phone bill.

We are looking at the mobile casino specifically and players have a good variety of modern options when it comes to pay by phone on a mobile casino. Many Android and Apple device users like to play casino games from their tablet and phone. However, with cybercrime at an all-time high, players are more conscious than ever of having their personal details compromised. Pay by phone is a great way to combat this and the service lets players make deposits without having to enter too much sensitive data into their phone or tablet while they are out and about.
Essentially, there are many options for a mobile gamer that wants to make deposits on the move without having to use their debit or credit card details in public and there are even merchants who offer this service specifically for mobile casinos. Boku, for example, offers a fantastic pay by phone service for players and it has many additional features and benefits.

Additional Info on Pay by Phone

What are some other benefits of pay by phone we hear you ask? The main reason a lot of customers use it is for the extra security. There is no requirement to enter bank details or email addresses as the service simply require a phone number in most cases. This gives pay by phone the edge as one of the safest ways to make a deposit to an online casino. Additionally, for mobile players it can be annoying trying to enter details onto a mobile device so the service is great for mobile users particularly.
We really like the service overall, in an age where players have their card details compromised every day. While we are not trying to put customers off using their debit or credit card, there are great benefits to using the pay by phone service for certain types of player. Our advice would be to find a pay by phone casino that accepts your preferred merchant and then you can sign up and begin playing!