The Different Types of Mobile Slots

When choosing a mobile slot game to play, you will find that not all mobile slots are the same and that they actually come in a number of different categories! Some types of mobile slots are great for beginners, some are great for more advanced players, and other are also fantastic for those who really want to bag themselves a huge win. Before you get started playing mobile slots it is important to know what each of these games is and which one will be the best for you. Carry on reading if you want to find out more about the different types of mobile slot games available.

Basic Mobile Slots

It’s time to go back to basics and the following games are perfect for newbies to the online casino world who want to familiarise themselves with mobile slots.
The first type of mobile slot game you may encounter is the three reel classic slot. This slot is simple in that all players have to do is line up 3 matching symbols across their three reels and you have won! However, another type of mobile slot you may encounter is the multi-payline mobile slot game. This slot is more popular than the 3 reel game as it adds extra thrill and excitement to the game without overcomplicating it. With this type of slot game players have the opportunity to be on one or many paylines, however, if you are going to go with this type of slot game we would suggest betting the maximum number of lines as the more lines you wager on the higher your chances will be of winning!

Advanced Mobile Slots

If you are ready to move on from your basic mobile slots then you may be looking to spin the reels of video slots, progressive slots, and even 3D mobile slots!
Video slots are fantastic fun to play and are not too complicated compared to the basic slot games we have described above. The graphics on this type of game are normally far greater and players will be kept entertained for hours on end with the fun bonus features found in these games. This includes fun bonus rounds and free spins which all players love!

If you are looking for the mobile slots that are the real money makers and will hopefully provide you with a huge win then we would suggest checking out some progressive jackpot mobile slots games. With this type of game, essentially the jackpot will continue to grow until someone wins it all! This results in far bigger jackpot prizes up for grabs and really the sky is the limit as players can potentially win millions when playing progressive jackpot games.

Finally, 3D slot games are becoming more and more popular in recent years and have been a great way to spark the interest of players. Slot game developers are constantly improving their games and we are sure that 3D slot games will become more prevalent in the near future.

When playing mobile slots there is not just one standard format for every game and players will be faced with a huge choice of games for them to pick and choose from Some types of games will be more suited to some players than others, however, all of them are great fun to play and will keep you spinning their reels for hours on end! If you want to know more about the different variations of mobile slots out there then be sure to click here for all the info that you need to choose your games wisely!